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All Purpose
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The Fold Up Portable Rugby Scoreboard is simple to use and when the game is over the scoreboard can be simply put away.

This scoreboard uses the unique Scoremaster scoring numbers the most up to date user friendly manual scoring system available in todays market!


  • Dimensions 1.59m high x 1.4m wide
  • Weight - 22.5kg
  • Sold assembled ready to use with 16 Scoreboard modules fitted
  • Constructed from heavy duty 12mm ply board with alloy powder coating edging
  • End latches and handles for ease of transport and storage
  • Finish matt black painted all surfaces


Australian Made

Please contact us for the best price

Non folding rugby board


The Non Folding Rugby scoreboard uses the unique Scoremasterscoring
numbers - the most up to date user friendly manual scoring system available in today’s market!

Non folding rugby board stand


  • Dimensions 1.2m wide x 1.4m high
  • Constructed from 12mm ply with zinc alloy edging
  • Finished matt black all surfaces - fully weatherproof
  • Fitted with carry handles
  • Weight 19kgs


  • Fold out stand fitted
  • 300mm removable Sponsor Display at top
  • Club name in place of HOME
  • Sponsor artwork
  • Black powdercoated edging
  • Australian Made

Please contact us for the best price

Under every performance parameter Scoremaster Rugby Scoreboards outclass all other scoreboard systems. This includes ease of use, visual accuracy and visibility, portability and placement (extremely robust design) and best of all pricing. So not only is our wide range of scoreboards the most sought after in today’s world market they also cost substantially less than all other current and antiquated scoreboard systems. Our scoreboards are now showing scores all around the world with clubs reporting back that both they and their sponsors are delighted with our design and the Scoremaster system.

The overwhelming success of Scoremaster Scoreboards revolves around the revolutionary Scoremaster Module that was designed by SCOREMASTER SCOREBOARDS AUSTRALIA and is manufactured at the Bayswater plant in Victoria Australia. These unique and superbly designed Modules are extremely simple and easy to use and they leave all other display methods way behind. No more fumbling with numbers or trying to slide difficult digits across. Scoremaster Modules are easy to read and are changeable in an instant through their simple and revolutionary self locating design. Made from lightweight, durable and fade resistant ABS plastic our Modules are long lasting hard wearing units that require no maintenance and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Scoremaster Rugby Scoreboards come in a range of standard designs or if you prefer, we can custom design your scoreboard to suit your requirements. Most Rugby clubs choose from one or more of our standard designs . We can now offer a range of 17 standard designs of Scoremaster scoreboards for all sports. Some clubs however wish to have us design their own custom scoreboard to fit in neatly at their club or home grounds. Although all of our standard scoreboards are the best priced anywhere even our customized boards are lower than most other standard scoreboards. Utilizing Scoremaster existing Australian and worldwide delivery service we are currently sending scoreboards all around Australia and have successfully exported product to 14 countries around the world.

As part of our own design all Scoremaster Rugby Scoreboards are built with the Scoremaster Modules attached to the genuine Scoremaster scoreboard specifically designed for the product which offers high strength and durability with a quality superior to all other competitive scoreboards.

Should you have any questions about our scoreboards please contact us

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